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HI! Greekgeek1213 here! This is Chapter 3! Hopefully you guys like it! Grover, do the disclaimer!
Grover: GG1213 does not own anything in this chapter except her OC’s. Can I have my reed pipes back?
GG1213:*plays a song on the reed pipes* This is so cool!
Grover: Hey! Give them back! My father made it for me and blah blah blah….
GG1213: Enjoy!
Luna’s POV:
As I was about to press play on my iPod, someone came up to me.
“Hi. You look lonely. Can I sit with you over there?” a girl with long dirty blonde hair and lonely looked hazel eyes asked.
“Sure!” I replied.
“My name is Pom. I live in the Aphrodite cabin. I sit with a couple of friends at the back table. No one else goes there, so it’s just us.”
“Cool! I didn’t know we could sit at separate tables.”
“Usually we can’t, but no one really notices us, and Chiron said we could. It isn’t even the camp’s table. Last summer I brought it here because there were so many of us campers, but no one used it. So, now it’s ours to use.”
When we got to the table, I noticed that there were only about four people, including Pom. There were two girls that looked very alike, and another that was younger than the rest.
“Okay, so the girl that is blonde with the gray eyes is named Liz. She is from the Athena cabin and is the youngest, being eleven. The two girls on the left are from the Hephaestus cabin. The younger, bubbly one is Balsa, and her sister, who is more like her father, is Pyralis. Balsa is twelve, and Pyralis is fourteen. I am fifteen, the oldest in the group. What’s your name?” Pom asked.
“My name’s Luna. I am fourteen years old. I haven’t been claimed yet.” I answered.
I sat down and looked at everybody. Balsa and Pyralis had red eyes, long, black hair, and pale skin. Liz had light, blonde hair and soft gray eyes. Pom had this sad look in her eyes, as if something about making friends made her sad. I started eating, and so did everyone else. Just then, I heard a loud bang behind me. I looked to see what was happening, and I noticed that it looked like Mr.D was going to say something.
“Well, I suppose I should say hi to all of you brats. Hello. Chiron says the next capture the flag game is on Friday. Cabin five still holds the laurels.”
The Ares cabin cheered and whooped at that.
“I couldn’t care less, but congrats. Also, we have a new camper with us. Lana Cana.”
Chiron whispered something to him.
“Sorry. Luna Caza. Now, it’s time for the campfire. Go on.”
We put our plates away and ran off to the campfire. I had to say, it was the most beautiful fire I have ever seen. It was turning different colors. It went from red, to purple, to green, to orange, and back to red. We sat on the outer edges of the amphitheater. The walls of the theater were completely round and in the shape of a cylinder. It looked just like the Coliseum in Italy, but it looked brand new and sparkling white against the flames. The Apollo kids sat nearest to the fire, and were facing the crowd. I have read about this in the books, and this was always my favorite part. I always wanted to learn the traditional songs.
“Well, what should we sing first?” someone asked.
(Time skip to about a half an hour)
After singing about seven songs, the Apollo kids were taking requests.
“Okay, anyone want to request another song?” one of them asked.
“I have one!” I said while raising my hand like a first grader that has the right answer and can’t wait to share it with the class.
“You there, what song?” he asked while pointing to me.
(Time skip to a couple of seconds)
“Let’s gather ‘round the campfire and sing a campfire song. A C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song. And if you don’t think that we can sing it faster, then you’re wrong. But it’ll help if you just sing a long! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! And if you don’t think that we can sing it faster, then you’re wrong. But it’ll help if you just sing along! It’ll help, it’ll help, if you just sing along!” we all sang together.
Some people sang along with laughter, some knew what it was from and looked embarrassed. Some just looked weirded out. But for me, I have always wanted to do that. After we sang the song, we all headed back to our cabins. I said goodnight to my friends and followed the Hermes kids to our cabin. Once inside, I noticed there was barely any room. When the book said that it was a snug fit, it must have meant so snug that it looked like some people had to sleep together in the same bunks and some sleeping bags. I looked around for a place I could sleep, when Luke and another girl came up to me. The girl handed me a small duffel bag.
“We noticed that you didn’t come here prepared, so we took the liberty of getting stuff for you. Oh, and you can sleep behind my bunk.” The girl pointed to one of the bunks in the very corner with just enough space between it and the wall for me. I thanked them and set up my new sleeping bag. I checked to see what else there was in the bag, and I saw a tooth brush, a tiny bottle of tooth paste, a pillow, some toiletries, a nightgown, and some floss. I took out everything important from my backpack and stuffed them into my pillow case. I took the rest and kept them in one of the pockets that was barely noticeable. I ran to one of the nearby bathrooms and brushed my teeth and got dressed. When I came back, I tied my back pack and the duffel bag together and then tied them to one of the legs of the bunk bed. ‘There’ I thought to myself as the lights were turned off and I snuggled against the warmth of the sleeping bag,’ now no one will be able to take my stuff. This has been the best first day. I can’t wait…’till…tomorrow.’ After that, I drifted off to sleep, waiting for the next day to come.
Hi! Thanks for reading! Check out my other chapter and works in my Gallery.
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