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“…Feliciano.” You told your friend and everyone else there. Everyone started getting up and congratulating you two. Italy looked like he was about to faint from the news, but you squeezed his hand in comfort.
“You’re going to make a great father. I’m so happy I’m having this baby with you.” You say sweetly and then after, kissing him.
(Time skip to about nine months)
You and Italy are now married and live together in Germany’s house. Any day now, the baby will be born into the world. You were sitting on the plush sofa next to Italy, Germany, Prussia, and Japan. You were all watching a movie, but before you were all playing board games and having a good time because it was one of those rare days that nobody was working. You laid your head on Italy’s shoulder, your hand within his. Just then, there were a couple of kicks that were coming from your belly. You smiled and placed your hand over your belly button. You took your husband’s hand and placed it there, too, so that he could feel. You saw him smile and look at you with pure delight. You looked back at the TV screen, when there came a sharp pain. You could also feel you pajama bottoms getting wet as well. Italy looked at your expression and replied to it with a puzzled one.
“Bella, what’s-a wrong?” he asked with that cute accent you always loved.
“The baby…, I think it’s that time.” You replied, another sharp kick making you wince in pain.
“Oh, the baby, the baby! It’s-a time!” he said as he carried you bridal style and with his amazing Italian speed, got you into the car in less than ten seconds and was about to pull out of the driveway when the other three ran out, waving their hands to stop. They all ran into the car, Japan pushing Italy out of the driver’s seat.
“Sumimasen (1), Itary-san. But I have seen you drive before, and I do not zhink you should drive rike zhat with (y/n) in zhe car.” Japan said, looking back at that scary day in which he almost died from a car accident thanks to Italy’s awful and deadly fast driving. Japan took the wheel and drove safely, but swiftly, to the hospital. Once there, the nurses took you to an open room and you started the pushing process.
Germany, Prussia, and Japan were in the waiting room, while Italy was at your side, holding your hand while you squeezed it in pain, his hand turning blue from the lack of circulation. You pushed with all of your might, screaming in agonizing pain.
“One more push, and the baby will be out.” said the doctor.
You did as the doctor said, and the next thing you knew, a baby’s crying could be heard. But not just one, but two sets of wailing, creating a high pitch harmony.
“Congrats! You have a healthy baby girl and boy.” said the doctor, handing you and Italy two bundled little joys. You were handed the girl, and Italy the boy. The girl looked just like your husband with light auburn hair and golden brown eyes. There was even a curl starting to form on the side of her little head. You looked over to your son, and he looked like you, with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. You moved over a bit to let Italy sit on the edge of the bed. Germany, Prussia, and Japan all came inside.
“Kesesesese… zhey look so cute. Mein awesome niece und nephew.“
“Hai, zhey are kawaii (2). “
“Ja, but now zhere are going to be zwei (3) more Italians in zhe house.”
Everyone was smiling, even Germany. You handed him your daughter, who had woken up in his arms. He looked down at her, his face in an awkward expression that was a mix of happiness and wonder, like he wasn’t used to the look of a baby. Her eyes opened and looked at him, then started to laugh in that cute baby way. Then your son started to laugh too, reaching up to Italy’s curl and trying to pull it. He liked the way it bounced up and down. Then everyone started to laugh, the babies’ laughing becoming contagious.
Once the doctor told you that you were okay to leave, everyone got into the car and drove back to Germany’s house. Once there, you took the babies in and showed them around, telling them in your soft voice that this was their new home. They started yawning, so you took them to Italy’s and your room, placing them softly in their cribs, then got under your own covers, facing your husband.
“We’re finally parents. Our children are so beautiful. Thank you so much for creating them with me.” You say as you place your lips onto his.
“No, grazie. Ti amo (4).” He said back, already drifting off to sleep.
“Ti amo”

1. Excuse me in Japanese
2. Cute in Japanese
3. The number two in German
4. Grazie= thank you in Italian/ Ti amo=I love you in Italian
I do not own Hetalia or anything from this story except the plot and the story line. Enjoy!
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IrysOpal Featured By Owner Edited Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think it would've been safer and just as fast for him to run reader-chan to the hospital on foot xD
greekgeek1213 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :) <3
Xironrose Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
super cute!!!!:D
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