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Hetalia x Pregnant! Reader- Spain Part One
“…Antonio.” You told your friend and all of the other countries there. Everyone congratulated you and gave you wishes and blessings. Antonio looked like he was about to faint, but you squeezed his hand in comfort.
“We are going to have the most beautiful and wonderful child. Muchos gracias, mi amor (1).” You said as you placed your lips onto his.
(Time skip to nine months)
You were outside, helping harvest tomatoes in your now husband’s fields. Romano was here too, holding a basket full of the deep red fruits (yes, tomatoes are a fruit).
It was a beautiful day today. The sky was a brilliant blue, and there was no cloud in sight. The weather was even perfect, not like the humid, annoyingly hot days that have been keeping you inside since last month.
You suddenly felt a soft kick coming from your stomach. You took Spain’s hand and placed it upon your stomach.  His face turned into a puzzled and excited expression.
“Hey, what are you amore coppia malato (2) doing?” asked Romano, wiping away the sweat off of his forehead.
You chuckled, walked up to him, and placed his hand upon your stomach. You felt another kick, and you saw by the way he was looking, that he could feel it too. He looked up at you, you chuckling at his cute expression, and he started blushing like crazy.
“Hahaha, Romano turned into a tomate (3).” Your husband teased.
“I did not!”
Just then, you felt a sharp kick, feeling wet between your legs. You fell onto your knees from the pain.
“Mi amor, what’s wrong?” asked your husband, worry on his face.
“The baby, it’s coming.”
“¡Dios mío (3)! Romano, come with me and start the car.” He ordered, carrying you bridal style and running towards the car in the driveway.
(Time skip to the hospital)
You were now lying in a hospital bed, pushing like the doctor ordered. Spain was holding your hand, and you squeezed back, so much that his hand started to turn purple.
“Just one more push, and the baby will be out.” said the doctor.
You did as you were told, and suddenly you could hear a baby wailing. You collapsed back onto the bed, exhausted from the effort. After a couple of minutes, the doctor came back into your room holding your baby wrapped up in a bright pink blanket.  You were about to hold your new child, when another sharp kick came from your stomach. The doctor handed your baby to your husband, and walked back to your side.
“Looks like you have another baby on the way. Now, push!” ordered the doctor once more.
You pushed and pushed, and soon you could hear another baby crying loudly. You were so tired, that you instantly fell asleep before the doctor could tell you what gender your baby was. The last thing you saw before you closed your eyes was you husband walking up to the bed, cradling your new daughter.
(Time skip to a couple of hours)
You woke up in your bed, worried that the recent events were just a dream. You placed your hand onto your stomach, and felt nothing. It was flatter than usual. Just then, your husband and Romano walked in, holding a bundle in each of their arms. One was pink, and one was blue.
“Buenos dias, mi amor (4). Here, you deserve to hold them.” Said your husband, than looked at your daughter and son,” See, this is your madre, the most beautiful madre in the world.”
He handed you the baby girl, while Romano reluctantly held out your son. Both of your children were sleeping.
Your daughter looked exactly like your husband, with light brown hair and the same face. Your son looked like you, with (h/c) hair and the same exact cheeks and nose. Just then, they woke up at the same time. Your daughter and son both had brilliant emerald eyes, just like Spain. The way you were holding them, they were staring at Romano, right at his curl on the side of his head.
“Hey, what are you bambini (6) staring at?” asked Romano.
While he talked, his curl bobbed up and down, making your children laugh in that adorable, baby way. Romano picked up your daughter, wearing a confused expression. She held out her pudgy hand, grabbed his curl, and started to pull on it. Romano’s face turned from confusion to pure dread. At this, everyone started to laugh. Romano then pried off your daughter from his head and instantly gave her up. Both babies started yawning, and you saw them fall asleep soundly in your arms. You got out of your bed, walked into the nursery that was decorated with bright yellow walls and plush tomatoes everywhere, and placed them into their cribs. You kissed them on their foreheads, and walked out.
Spain and Romano were right outside the doorway, talking about how it felt weird to be a father and uncle. When you walked out, Spain smiled and walked up to you and placed his lips onto yours.
“So, what do you want to do now?” asked your husband.
“Hmm, well I’m hungry. You want to eat out tonight?”
“Who is going to watch el bebés (7)?”
You turned your gaze to Romano.
“Oh no, I will not be watching the bambini while you guys get to eat out. You are the parents, you will watch them.” He replied, obviously not giving in.
(Time skip to about an hour)
“Have fun with the kids!” you called out to Romano as he held his fist at you and started calling out insults and complaints. You laughed and turned up the radio, pretending you couldn’t hear him. Spain was pulling out of the driveway and the last thing you saw was Romano giving up and walking inside. You then looked forward, sighed, and felt grateful that your long pregnancy was over.
‘Now all I have to do is get through parenthood.’ You thought to yourself as you looked out the window, waiting for your wished for food.

1. Many thanks, my love in Spanish
2. Love sick couple in Italian
3. Oh my God! In Spanish
4. Good morning, my love in Spanish
5. Mother in Spanish
6. Children in Italian
I do not own Hetalia or anything else except the plot and story line. Enjoy!
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