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“…Kiku” you told your friend and all of the other countries. Everyone walked up to you two and congratulated you on your pregnancy. Japan looked like he was about to faint from the news, but you squeezed his hand in comfort.
“You’re going to be a wonderful father. Thank you for the gift of life.” You tell Japan, placing your lips on his.
(Time skip to nine months)
You and Japan were sitting at his kotatsu (1), enjoying a meal consisting of rice balls, sushi, and traditional Japanese tea. It was a beautiful day, the sun still in the sky. There was a nice breeze, so you decided to open the windows. You were almost done with a rice ball, when you felt a soft kick coming from your unborn child. You smiled, and took your now husband’s hand, and placed it against your stomach. He smiled, and then placed his lips onto yours.
“Since zhe baby might be born soon, we should visit zhe tempre and pray for good fortune.” said your husband, who took the plates off of the table and put them away.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea. I’ll go and get ready” you said, walking to your room to get changed into something more presentable.
(Time skip to the temple)
You and Japan arrived at the temple an hour after lunch. You and Japan both wore kimonos (2) to the temple that somewhat matched. You just finished praying for good fortune on the baby, when a sharp pain came from your stomach and you felt wet between your legs.
“Uh, Kiku? Sorry to interrupt you, but my water just broke.” You told your husband, trying to be calm about it because you were still inside the temple.
“Watashi, idaina kamigami no iiwake (3). Ret us go.” He apologized as he carried you bridal style to his car and started driving to the hospital.
(Time skip to the hospital)
You were placed onto a hospital bed, starting your labor process of pushing with all of your strength. You have been doing this for about an hour now.
“One more push should do it, and your baby will be born.” The doctor told you.
You listened to the doctor’s instructions and pushed once more.
Suddenly, you heard not only one, but three newborn babies crying.
“Congratulations! You have three healthy children, two boys and one girl.” said your doctor, as he handed you your three children, all asleep in your arms.
Japan came and sat on the end of the hospital bed, staring in awe of the babies. Just then, they all woke up at the same time. Your daughter had your eyes and had your husband’s hair. Both the boys looked exactly alike. Both looked just like Japan.
“Zhey are utsukushī (4).” Japan whispered in your ear. Your children fell back to sleep, and you started to doze off too. Just before you fell asleep, you felt your arms become lighter and you felt yourself being carried and placed into a car. You fell asleep in the car, sleeping the whole ride home.
Japan’s POV:
The ride home was very quiet, everyone sleeping behind me. Once we arrived at my house, I carried all of the babies inside, placing them into one crib.
‘I am going to have to get anozer two rater.’ I thought to myself as I went back outside to get (y/n). I carried her inside and into our bed. I slipped under the covers myself. Just then, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my chest from behind.
“Thank you for the most beautiful children.” I heard you say before you went back to sleep. I smiled, took one last look at my new children, and fell asleep as well.
That night, I had the best dream of all. A dream where my family lived happily ever after.

1: a Japanese table that is low to the ground that is usually placed in the living room.
2: a type of Japanese wear that both men and woman wear.
3: “Excuse me, great gods” in Japanese.
4: Beautiful in Japanese
I do not own Hetalia or anything else except the plot and story line. Enjoy!
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NightBlueRose Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
You shouldn't mistake the accent, if you can't do it then don't do it at all, just a small . . . Whatever you might call it. 
Using Japanese words only once or a few times in sentences is a no, it's best to do a whole sentence in Japanese or when doing English just add the suffixes like,

"Kon'nichiwa~ Watashi wa Rozu desu. Douzou yoroshiku."

"Hello. I'm Rose. Please address me as Rose-chan or Rose-cchi." 

I love the story, though, there are a few mistakes where you might want someone to read over for you. 
Sorry if my Romaji is a little bad, it's been a while since I revised my Japanese or my native tongue(Filipino)
Chica9234 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
No, please stop using bad Japanese. The story was okay.
Racheal0bea Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Student Artist
At least she tried.Meow la plz 
kittygirl303 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Wait Wait Wait I was not told about this IS WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS *Freaking out*Buts I will Forever love japan x3
DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Dang, Jappy and I got lucky!!
Japan: Jappy?
Oh, Italy called you that yesterday!
Japan: *puls out katana* Excuse me.
I love Japan!! So freakin epic.
xXNuttyXx Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oi, may I request a Sweden x Reader version of this?? xP"
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