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“…Ludwig.” You finished your sentence.
Everyone came over and congratulated you two. Germany looked like he was about to faint from the news, but you squeezed his hand in comfort.
“You’re going to make a great father. I love you so much” you say as you placed your lips on his.
(Time skip to about nine months)
You and Germany, who married you soon after he heard the news about you being pregnant, were outside on the lawn of his house. You saw your husband giving orders and training Italy and Japan, who were jogging laps. After a while, Germany allowed Italy and Japan to take a break. You spread out a picnic blanket and placed a basket filled with food in the center. You passed paper plates to everyone and started to fill your plate with the delicious food that everyone brought. There was pizza that was still warm made by Italy, rice balls with face designs on them made by Japan with Italy’s help, and some German sausage made by your husband. There was also fruit salad, some bread rolls, and a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade. It was a beautiful day, with the sky as blue as Germany’s eyes and no clouds in sight. The birds were chirping in the nearby trees. The sunlight went through Germany’s hair, making it glow and made his eyes sparkle. You thought it made him more handsome. You had brought a radio and had turned it on while they were training. Now it had your favorite song; the song that you and Germany danced to when you got married. You placed your hand on your stomach, feeling the soft kicks of your unborn child. You smiled, took Germany’s hand, and placed it where yours had been. He smiled, pulling you closer to him and held you close.
You were about to take the last bite of your food, when a sharp pain came from your stomach. You also felt wetness in between your legs.
“Liebe (1), vhat’s wrong?” asked Germany, his face formed a puzzled and worried expression.
“The baby…It’s coming now.” You say back, clutching your stomach as another hard kick came from your baby.
With the help of Japan and Italy, Germany got everything picked up and carried you bridal style to his car not very far away from where you had eaten. He placed you in the passenger’s seat and started the car. He pulled out of the driveway and quickly, but safely, to the hospital.
There, Italy and Japan sat in the waiting room while Germany had followed you to the room that you started your labor in. He held your hand, you squeezing it so hard that it turned purple. You pushed with all of your strength, the doctors encouraging you to continue.
“Just one more and your child will be born.” said the doctor.
You pushed once more, and you could hear the wailing of your child. Exhausted, you laid back onto the hospital bed.
“Congratulations! You have a healthy baby boy.” said the doctor, handing you your new son. He was sleeping now, but you could see that he had blonde hair like Germany’s and your face. Germany sat next to you, carrying you and lacing you on his lap, his arms around yours.
“He’s beautiful. Thank you for giving me a gorgeous son.” You tell your husband, facing him and placing your lips on his. Just then, you saw your baby’s eyes open. They were the most beautiful shade of blue you have ever seen. He looked at you, then to Germany. Germany took the baby off your hands and placed him in his. Your baby held out his hand, shaking from the effort. Germany held out his finger, and your sons hand grabbed it. Germany kissed his forehead, while the baby fell back to sleep. Italy and Japan both came in at that point, silently so that they didn’t wake the baby. They both got to hold him, giving compliments to both you and the baby.
The doctor told you that you could go home now, so everyone got back into the car, you placing your son in a car seat in the back. Once back at the house, you sat on a rocking chair outside on the porch, rocking your baby while humming a song your own mother hummed to you. Germany came out and brought his own chair, placing it right next to yours.
“He’s so cute when he’s asleep. Just like you.” You whisper.
“Hmm, I zhink he looks like you. Danke (2) for giving me a vundebar (3) son.” Germany replied.
For the rest of the day, everyone stayed outside, Germany’s three dogs running around in the front yard, and your baby in your arms.
1: Love in German
2: Thank you in German
3: Wonderful in German
I do not own Hetalia or anything else except for the plot and story line. Enjoy!
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From 2 to 3 and now to the normal 1.
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