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February 23


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Your POV:
You woke up the next morning. You didn’t open your eyes, because it was usually at this time that people would come to take your hard earned stuff. Then you remembered that England saved you, and you opened your eyes. You looked through the window on the wall and saw that the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and there were no clouds to be seen. You could hear the birds chirp in the trees below, and the sounds of the incoming traffic going by. This morning was perfect, until you smelt something burning. You tried to get up and were surprised that you had the strength to get off the “couch” and stand up. Your legs were wobbly, and it was hard to keep your balance, but you started to walk towards the smell, using the walls and nearby objects to help you from falling. You looked into the small kitchen, and saw England take a tray of some charred “things” and place them onto a glass plate. You saw him look up at you and smile.
“Good morning, (y/n). Would you like a scone?” he asked.
“What’s a scone?” you asked. You hoped that scones weren’t the black rocks he made. Although you haven’t eaten any actual food and mostly got your meals from trash cans, you knew when things were not edible. And by the looks of them, those rocks were NOT edible. England looked slightly offended, but then remembered he found you in the trash, so you probably never had his food. He pointed to the charred rocks.
“These are scones. Back in my home, these are tasty delicacies. Though I am still experimenting on the perfect batter and cook time.” He answered. He took the plate and offered you one. You were about to take one, when the door opened and America came inside.
“Sorry to barge in, bros. But there is a breakfast buffet downstairs in the meeting room. You guys better come down, its first come first serve!” he explained. He then saw you take a scone, and he came over and slapped it out of your hand.
“Dude, don’t let Iggy here poison you with his “cooking”. Come with me and I’ll show you some real food.” He said, as he picked you up, over his shoulder, and ran out of the room. England started to follow you and looked really mad, calling America some names that you didn’t understand. We went down the stairs and into a huge, fancy room. There was a large table in the center of the room, and it was covered in beautiful, gourmet food. He set you down, and gave you a plate.
“Take whatever you want. There’s plenty for everyone!” he exclaimed before taking a plate for himself and cutting in front of France, who was waiting patiently in line. You tried to walk to the end of the line, but your legs gave out under you. You would have fallen if it weren’t for the blonde man in front of you. He caught you in one arm, while holding a white bear in his other. You recognized him as Canada.
“Maple, are you okay?!” he asked you.
“Sorry, I’m just still pretty weak from the last three days.” You answered.
“What happened three days ago?”
“That’s when I started getting sick, and that was when some guys beat me up so bad that I couldn’t move. Yesterday was the first time in nearly three weeks that I have gotten any food.”
“Oh, my! You poor girl! Here, I will get you some food. You sit down at one of the tables.”
You nod and start to half walk, half drag yourself to one of the fancy tables. You sat on a comfy wooden chair, right across from three men. You recognize them as Germany, Italy, and Japan. There were also two new men, one that looked very much like Italy, and another that had a tomato and some brown, stick looking food.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” you asked them.
“No, we don’t-a mind.” said the Italy look-a-like.
“Oh, this is my-brother, Romano. The other-a man is Spain. This is-a the girl that I was-a telling you about!” Italy explained to you.
“Ciao.” said Romano in a slightly upset, monotone voice.
“Hola, chica! Would you like a churro?” asked Spain. He handed you the brown thing in his hand. It smelled sweet and felt flakey. You took a bite, and tasted the sweetness. You thought the food here just kept getting better and better. You ate it pretty quickly, and Spain chuckled at this, smiling and ruffling your hair.
“Es bueno, no?” he asked you. You looked up at him confusingly. You didn’t understand his language.
“Oh, sorry. I meant its good, no?” he asked again in English. You understood and nodded. Just then, Canada came back with two plates full of food. He sat down beside you and handed you your plate. His plate had a stack of about five thin, tan things and a puddle of amber, thick liquid. Another man sat down. He had white, silvery hair and bright, red eyes. He sat in between Italy and Germany. There was a bright, yellow bird atop his head, nesting in his hair.
“Zhe awesome me iz here!” the white haired man exclaimed. His plate was filled with sausage, steaming hot with some yellow dip of some sort on the side.
“Hey, who iz zhe mädchen?” asked the white haired man.
“”Zhis iz (y/n). (y/n), zhis iz Prussia, mein bruder. She iz zhe vone zhat England found outside.” Germany explained.
The little bird looked at you, flew over, and landed in your (h/c) hair.
“Kesesese! Gilbird likes you, eh.” said Prussia as Gilbird started chirping.
You stared at your own food. There was an apple, some sausage, and a few of what Canada was having.
“Canada, what are these?” you asked him as you pointed to the unknown food.
“Oh, those are pancakes. Where I come from, these are really famous.” he answered.
You saw Canada take a fork and knife, using them to cut up the pancakes and dunk them in the liquid that came out of a bottle he had in his pocket. You read the bottle and found out it is called syrup. You did the same, taking one of the cut up bits and putting it in your mouth. You stared at it wide eyed. You had the sausage and the fruit. ‘This is the best food I have ever had in my whole entire life!’ you thought to yourself. You finished you food before the others, and they stared at you in disbelief. You started to blush.
“So chica, did you want to come to the world meeting with us?” asked Spain.
“World meeting?” you asked.
“Si! The world meeting is where we all come here and talk about how we can make the world a better place. Though, it doesn’t always go very well…”
“Ya…” everyone says.
“Hey, how old are you, (y/n)?” asked Canada.
“Twelve” you reply.
“What?! You’re only twelve? And you’ve been living all by yourself?” asked America as he finally filled his plate, or, plates.
“Ya, I guess.”
“How did you survive?”
“Well, I go by a few rules. Rule 1: When you find food, eat it then and there, or else people will beat it out of you. Rule 2:  Sleep under stuff so no one can find you while you sleep. Rule 3: Stay clear of Main Street. That’s where the BBB Gang lives. They are a gang of homeless guys that have jobs and get money, but don’t want to buy a house or have responsibility. They beat up everyone else and steal whatever they have. Food, items, even the clothing they are wearing, all taken away. BBB stands for Big, Bad, and Black as night. You live by those rules, you get by just fine.  Though the BBB has been coming to the alley where I live. Since I am a child, if I beg for stuff, I can get more than an adult. They use me for extra money and food. That’s why England found me in the trash. They beat me up so badly that I couldn’t move for three days. No one saw me. I couldn’t get food. It was the worst.” you reply sadly.
A few people started tearing up. Suddenly, Italy, America, and Spain tackled you and all tried to hug you. Romano, Germany, and Canada tried to get them off of you. Once they all sat back down, a man and girl came toward you.
“Ve heard your story, and ve feel awful. But I vas vondering if you had any ozher clozing?” asked the girl. She had short, blonde hair and bright teal eyes.
“No, I don’t.” you reply back.
“May you come vith me?”
“Oh, sure.”
She took your hand and walked out of the room. She and the man both walked into another room and closed the door.
“I brought a couple of ozher dresses vith me, and it looks like you are zhe same size as I am. Did you vant to pick vone out for yourself?” the girl asked you while showing a few of her own. ‘They’re beautiful!’ you thought to yourself as you saw the brightly colored dresses.
“I zhink zhis vone vill look nice on you.” she said while holding a (f/c) dress.
“Really? For me?” you asked.
“Ja! Go in zhere und try it on.” she directed you to the “bathroom”.
You walked inside and closed the door. You took off the shirt that England gave you and placed it on one of the bars connected to the wall that held the rough looking blankets. It also looked like she gave you some clean under wear, since you didn’t have any on. You put everything on, and it fit perfectly. You opened the door, where the girl was waiting outside.
“Wow! You look beautiful. Let us show everyvone else.” she said while taking your hand again, the other man coming along. You went back into the ballroom and she brought you over to some other kids. They were playing in the corner of the room. Drawing pads and crayons littered the floor.
“Zhis is (y/n) ve heard about yesterday. (y/n), zhis is Sealand, Wy, Seborga, Molossia, Kugelmugel, und Ladonia. Ve are all micro nations.” the girl explained.
“Hi.” said the children.
“Hi.” you replied.
“Did you want to draw with me, (y/n)?” asked Sealand.
“Sure.” you answered.
He gave you a drawing pad and a couple of colored pencils. For the rest of the morning, you drew with all of the kids, talking and hanging out like you were just a regular person. What you didn’t know was the BBB Gang was looking in through the window, looking at you.
“Our little money-maker is in there, and we need to get her back. Teach her a lesson for thinking she could get away from us.”
Hi everyone! This is chapter 3!. Hope you enjoy! Germany, do the disclaimer!
Germany: You had to interrupt mein training for zhis?
GG1213: Yep. ;)
Germany:*sigh* Fine. Greekgeek1213 does not own anything except the plot. You happy?
GG1213: Yes!
Germany: Good. 50 laps!
GG1213: Aww! *starts to run away with Italy*
Germany: Hey! You can't skip mein training!*starts to run after you*
GG1213: Enjoy! Run, Italy, run!!!
Micro nation characters were form on
Previous Chapter:…
Next Chapter: Yet to be written.
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