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Name: Lilly Sol
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 13, 1999
Hometown: Concord New Hampshire
Current Residence: Concord New Hampshire during the school months, Camp Half-Blood during the summer months
Sexual Orientation: Doesn’t know, for she has never been in love before

Godly Parent: Apollo

Physical Appearance: Medium length brown hair, bright green eyes, tan skin.


Lilly is very happy-go-lucky, and is always smiling. She has a pretty bad memory, and it will take her a long while for people’s names to stick in her mind. She is clumsy, and doesn’t trust herself with complex tasks. She also isn’t noticed a lot, so people say that she’s “invisible”. But despite this, she is very intelligent when it comes to her studies at school.

Likes: Loves to read, write, act and sing, draw, the color green, archery, spending time with her family and friends, and playing her ocarina.

Dislikes: Swears, sports, people that hate school and teachers, and people who hate to read. She also despises mean people who try to bully her or her friends.

Biography/background: Lilly was born in New Hampshire. She lives with her mom, step dad, and little sister. Her mother is Italian and French Canadian while her dad is straight from Spain. She loves her family dearly and is very protective of them. From elementary through the start of middle school, everything was normal for her. That was until she had to defeat her first monster while she was walking home from school. Her best friend, Conner, helped her defeat the monster and he took her to Camp Half-Blood. She spent her first summer there and was claimed by Apollo shortly after her arrival.

Weapons/Powers: Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrows, which turn into a bracelet with arrow charms because of the mist. She also has the power to play any instrument easily and to curse people with rhymes.

Any disorders or medical problems: She has ADHD, but doesn’t have dyslexia. Has no medical problems.

Point Counter: 19 points total

America's Poster Assignment by greekgeek1213
America's Poster Assignment
Omg, I'm such a bad artist... Okay, so this is Luna's poster for Mr.Jones' assignment. I know it isn't very legible, but the poster says ' I Hate Being Unnoticed'. The poster is supposed to represent Luna in a bubble of inspiration and her true self and what not, but she can't let it shine through because of all of that grey that no one notices.
Anyways, sorry it's so bad.
Luna Nighshade
North American Dorms, Canada's Division
I.D.: #323164
Mr. Jones' Class
Lilly Sol
Daughter of Apollo

Today was the best day ever! All of the gods took the day off from their godly responsibilities and  spent it with all of their kids. My dad Apollo took all of us on a joy ride in his sun car, we wrote songs together, and we had an archery match in the afternoon.
At last it was the end of the day, the sky already brightly lit up with stars. Everyone met up for the sing a long camp fire, and all of the gods sat with their children.
“Since Lord Apollo is here, he and his children have the honor of singing the last song of the night.” Chiron announced.
“Hey Lilly, you wanna do a duet with me?” Apollo asked me.
“Really?! Yes!”
“What song do you want to sing?”
I thought about it, and when I finally thought of a good song, I whispered it into his ear. He smiled and nodded, and started to strum on his guitar.
Lilly and Apollo: Let’s gather ‘round the camp fire and sing a camp fire song. A C-A-M-P F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song. And if you don’t think that we can sing it faster, then you’re wrong. But it’ll help if you just sing along! Bumm bumm bum!
C-A-M-P F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! C-A-M-P F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! And if you don’t think that we can sing it faster, then you’re wrong. But it’ll help if you just sing along!
C-A-M-P F-I-R-E S-O-N-G, Percy!
Percy: What? Uhh, C-A-M-P…
Apollo: Zeus!
Zeus: …
Lilly: Good!
Apollo and Lilly: It’ll help! It’ll help, if you just sing along! Woo-hoo!
When I went to bed that night, I had the best sleep I’ve ever had, dreaming about my duet with my dad all night long.
Assignment #2 A Day With Apollo
So this is what Lilly's day with her dad was like. A short little chapter, sorry it's so short.
The Camp Fire Song song is from Spongebob Square Pants. Hope you enjoy! :)

200-500 words: 4 points
Completing the assignment: 5 points
Total: 9 points
Lilly Sol- Capture the Flag by greekgeek1213
Lilly Sol- Capture the Flag
Yay I finished! So Lilly used her "ability" of not being noticed to her advantage for this capture the flag game. No one noticed the flag was taken until it was too late. Blue team wins! :D

I tried my best at drawing this time because I never draw and thought that I should try something different this time. I am happy about the way I drew Lilly but the scenery is crap. Oh well, I tried my best and that's what really matters. Enjoy!

Points: 10 points for color and a background
Full Name: Lilly Sol
Nickname: None
Meaning of Name: Lilly is a type of flower and Sol is the word sun in Spanish
Supporting or Main: Supporting
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 13
Hometown: Concord, New Hampshire
Current Residence: Concord, New Hampshire/ Camp Half Blood in the summer
Nationality: Italian and French Canadian. Greek because of my dad
Height: 5ft 1inch
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair (Color/Style): Long light brown hair with stringy bangs
Eye (Color/Sight Skill): Bright green eyes
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: None
Physical Description: Short and thin with long legs
Clothing Style: Likes to wear t-shirts and blouses with leggings and sometimes
long skirts. Most of her clothing is either green, black, or plaid
Sexual Orientation: Has never been in love so she would guess heterosexual or
Occupation: Works at a book store in her neighborhood

Disorders: ADHD but no dyslexia
Good Traits: Is easy going and can get along with people easily. She also loves
to make people laugh although she isn't a good comedian
Bad Traits: Is never really noticed and can seem like she's invisible. Is kinda
dumb in street-smarts
Fears/Phobias: The dark but has come over it
Favorite Band: Has too many favorite bands but enjoys pop and rock
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book: Fruits Basket series (Japanese mangas)
Best School Subject: English, chorus, and band
Worst School Subject: Gym
Likes: Reading, writing, music, the outdoors, archery, sweets, and old Disney
movies. She also likes art but is really bad at it.
Dislikes: Immature people, sports, and sour and spicy foods.

Mother: Alana Sol
Father: Apollo
Step-Parent(s)/Foster Parent(s): A step father named Antonio Jones. Lilly and
him have a close bond and like each other a lot.
Siblings: Olivia Jones. Lilly loves her sister a lot and they have a beautiful
friendship. She is not a demigod.
Step-Sibling(s): None
Closest Friends: Beauty Bonnefoy and Pixie Kirkland (friends from her hometown)
Acquaintances: Has a lot of them from school. One of them is Connor and he is
the saytr that took her to Camp Half Blood
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None (yet ;) )
Enemies: None
Crush(es): None

Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows
Mist Version: The bow and arrows turn into a bracelet with an arrow charm.
Best Camp Activity: Archery and theatrical arts. She also really enjoys the camp fire sing-a-longs.
Worst Camp Activity: Running the track field
Fatal Flaw: Loyalty, always wants to protect the ones she loves even if it gets
her into trouble
Abilities: Her deadly accuracy with her weapons

Internal Conflict: When a decision comes up, will she make the right decision?
Internal Motivation: Tries to do the right thing always
External Conflict: Trying to stay alive and keeping her family and friends safe
External Motivation: Having her weapons with her at all times and not talking
about her secret demigod life until she gets to Camp Half Blood
Traumatic Events: None if you don't count the monster attacks
Other problems: None

Lilly was born and raised in New Hampshire with her mother, step father, and
little sister. When she first started high school, a boy named Connor became her
friend. He would always be watching her and making sure she was where she should
be, as if he were worried about her. On the last day of school, Lilly was
walking home from school when a huge python appeared and attacked her. With the
help of Connor she was able to defeat it. Connor explained to her that she was a
half blood and took her to Half Blood Hill. There she spent the summer and was
claimed by Apollo. She goes back home during the school year and spends most of
her time with her two best friends Beauty and Pixie(who are not demigods). She
loves singing and acting, hoping that if she does she might get noticed more.
I was reading the House of Hades and found out Annabeth's birthday was today. So happy birthday Annabeth! Hopefully the gods will be nice to you today (especially you two, Hera and Aphrodite). :)


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